Having spoken to and visited the schools, we are confident that our coding club members will be able to safely distance during the sessions. We will sanitise the workstations before and after each session and the ninjas will be expected to stay at their workstation and not to use each others during the session.

We are still trying to work out if we can safely accommodate our Minecraft camps and keep them cost effective. So we have tentative dates for them, but these are not definite and may not be able to go ahead – purely down to the fact that we have so many attend during a day. We will be keeping a close eye on how things develop in the weeks to come and update the calendar as necessary.

Dates of the clubs and camps?
Please note that dates and events may be subject to change due the pandemic. We will commit to giving our members and camp attendees as much notice as possible with date changes.

For Minecraft Mayhem, does my child need to have a PC/Mac Minecraft Account?
For the purposes of the multi-player game, it would be necessary. However, for a single player game it’s not necessary. The club has also purchased lots of licenses so that we can offer guest accounts for those that don’t have a PC/Mac account. An iPad/Xbox/PS version won’t work at the club unfortunately.

For Minecraft Mayhem, what should we expect from the camps?
It’s all about fun! We won’t be programming or having learning objectives, just pure Minecraft Mayhem! We have our own safe server, as well as access to public servers where the ninjas can join in with multiplayer games. Alternatively, a shared game can be set up on our LAN that they are in charge of for the time there are in as well as the option to play single player. These camps are aimed at Minecraft mad kids who need to have childcare during the holidays and perhaps who don’t like the usual sports/crafts camps. Bring them along to meet up with like-minded Minecrafters and have a blast!

Are Saturday Clubs run every Saturday?
We run the Saturday Clubs during term-time (33 weeks of the year). Please refer to the Calendar for details

What is the youngest age someone can attend?
The coding clubs are aimed at children aged 8-14. We can accept older children, but as the average age is probably 10-12, older teenagers may not wish to come along. For our Minecraft camps, the lowest age is 7. We have trialled with younger children aged 6+, however from experience, we have decided that the youngest we can accept is 7.

Does my child need experience to join?
No! For the Saturday clubs we start with simple programming and help the ninjas to progress to more complex tasks as they get more experience.

Do we need to bring anything?
For both holiday camps and Saturday clubs, the ninjas need to bring a snack, drink (and for the holiday camps only, a packed lunch). They will also need a set of headphones (with or without a microphone)

Are there any breaks during the sessions?
We have a 10 minute break in the morning. We also have an hour for lunch in the holiday camps.

For the holiday camps, does my child have to come for the whole week?
It’s not necessary to come for the whole week. You can book any number of sessions, with one day being the minimum.

Can we try out Techno Ninjas?
Yes! For the Saturday clubs, your child can try a session free of charge to see if they like it – with no obligation to join – CLICK HERE to sign up for a free trial session.