Saturday Coding Clubs

Does your child love computers and technology? Our clubs help them with teamwork, online safety, problem solving and logic. Each child has access to their own computer as well as written instructions to help them through the self-paced projects.

We start with Scratch Programming, which some schools have started introducing. We have a full three hours in each coding session. This gives them the time to really let their imaginations flow. Scratch may seem basic initially, but the sky really is the limit, and our Ninjas have created some amazing projects.

We also have Kodu, Python and new for 2021 Roblox Studio!

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“Great I went from a game player to a game maker!!!”

Loved every minute!

If you have a techno mad kid, a Techno Ninja’s Minecraft party is the perfect solution and is highly recommended by me. All the kids loved it and it was the only birthday party I’ve ever hosted where I was able to sit down and drink coffee while 25 children were totally transfixed on playing Minecraft together.  Jo

Easiest birthday party ever!