Saturday Coding Clubs

Does your child love computers and technology? Our clubs help children to navigate working in a team, online safety, problem solving and logic. Each child has access to their own computer as well as written instructions to help them through the self-paced projects.

We start with Scratch Programming, which some schools use as part of their ICT curriculum. We have a full three hours in each coding session. This gives them the time to really let their imaginations flow. Scratch may seem basic initially, but the sky really is the limit, and our Ninjas have created some amazing projects. We now have access to Roblox Studio and Minecraft Education. Both these platforms allow our ninjas to program directly into their favourite games!

Techno Ninjas has proved to be an excellent holiday club for my daughter and there is never any issues with getting her to attend….she loves it 🙂  Following her Minecraft adventures at Techno Ninjas she has also made many new friends who continue to keep in contact both virtually and physically!  Thanks to Techno Ninjas for providing the excellent experience for her! Jon

Make new friends

My son absolutely loves Techno Ninjas and insists on attending every holiday club Karen runs (we have to arrange our family holidays around them). He is complex child with several additional needs and Techno Ninjas is the only place ever wants to go to or will go without complaint. He counts down the weeks between holiday clubs and loves every minute when he’s there. Jo

Re-arranging family holidays to attend!